Rebecca Horne

Untitled (table)

2015 | Photographie numérique, Archival ink jet print | 100 x 70 cm | PAJ01

One summer some friends of mine went out of town and I took over part of their space as a studio to shoot in for two days. It was there that I shot the table. The table was alluring to me for many reasons: It reminded me of early, historical photographs, but also of strange happenings like levitations, or spirit visitations. I was seeing it as a kind of a ghost table or a beacon reflecting light, and I photographed it in many different ways, finding different ways to interact with the shape and extend it. In the end, one of my favorites interventions was the water–it extended the legs by reflecting the shape. The table could be floating into a new dimension, or maybe it was falling into a rift, a current of water or other elements that might sweep it away.

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